• Quality guitar effect producing bright and clear tone “colors”, slipping into distortion with silky smoothness and accurate compression characteristics usually found in classic vintage tube amplifiers
  • Helps smaller amplifiers sound BIG
  • VOODOO-1’s distortion density can be controlled from the guitar (volume control)
  • GAIN control dials in the amount of distortion
  • TONE control uses an advanced discreet and IC circuit design allowing the pedal to compliment most modern pickups, especially Humbuckers™
  • OUTPUT control sets the power boost
  • Quality Carling DPDT footswitch and status L.E.D.
  • Dual low impedance outputs permits setup flexibility while eliminating long cable losses
  • Standard power jack for optional power supply
  • Compact box fits easily into a pedalboard



The Voodoo-1 has been designed and optimized to suit a wide range of pickups. It is the best choice for humbucking pickups and produces bright clear tone colours that will make solos stand out without sounding too thin. Using single coil pickups and 4 x 12 cabinets gives the addition body with bite that is necessary to cut through. The Voodoo-1, of course is equally happy with combos at low volume and make these small amps sound like big stacks. The distortion produced feels particularly tube like in operation and the Voodoo-1 slips into distortion with silky smoothness and compression characteristics usually only associated with vintage classic tube amplifiers The volume control of the guitar is very effective in controlling the amount of distortion and the guitar cleans up to it’s original tone very easily. The Tone control is of advanced design and has been optimized to compliment various pickup types. The Gain control enables the unit to be used as a power booster without distortion up to full maxed out grunge grooviness. The Output control sets the amount of boost required.

Electronically the Voodoo-1 distortion section uses a unique combination of the best discrete and IC design techniques to emulate the type of distortion found on many classic tube amplifiers. It allows the player to create a wide range of distortion effects from mild to extreme whilst reacting to the most subtle nuances in touch and playing.

“It´s a very effective distortion box with a gain stage that runs from the lightest crunch to one of the flappiest, dirtiest old style distortions I´ve heard for some time. Added to that is a tone control that thins or thickens the distortion with plenty of output boost for soloing levels. The distortion is very tube-like in its compressed tonality and more importantly it reacts like a good tube to guitar volume alteration.”

Guitar Sept/-92

“A sleek high-gain distortion pedal – not a re-issue fuzz, but a new pedal from the man who made effects for none other than Hendrix himself. It gives a thick, ballsy sound, great for extended soloing, with rich harmonics for classic controlled feedback. Back it off for a dense and meaty rhythm sound. Classic old and new sounds at a great price.” “But top of the heap is ROGER MAYER´S VOODOO-1. Great ideas, classic sounds, and still with that sense of the dynamic that separates the imitation from the innovator.” ” Star Buy!”

Total Guitar Apr/-96

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