• Beautiful Low Profile Case Styling
  • Improved Pedal Travel helps maintain posture of player& is highly comfortable
  • Perfectly Balanced Composite Fibre Top Plate stays in position when released
  • Silky Smooth Pedal Action is adjustable for feel & sensitivity


  • Classic & World Famous analog wah tone
  • Non-contact Position Sensor eliminates potentiometer
  • Electronic Pressure Switch eliminates footswitch
  • Sealed Reed Relays provide 100% bypass purity
  • Switch Matrix provides 16 sweep range/dual inductor combinations
  • Wah Blend Control allows mixing the dry guitar with the wah tone
  • Output Control sets amount of boost
  • Vari-Friction Nylon Bearing adjusts pedal feel & sensitivity
  • Side Mounted Jacks for plug protection & cable management
  • LED Pedal Status Indicator


  • Internal 9V battery or standard power adaptor (optional)
  • Extensive Power Filtering preserves low self-noise
  • MOV protection from harmful amplifier transient damage

Roger Mayer Says:

The Vision Wah is now on the market and is receiving critical acclaim from players and press alike. It is not just another version of the Vox or CryBaby but has adopted a brand new approach to foot control. Forget about the difficult balancing act you have perfected to use the existing wah pedals and step onto the future. The ultra low profile and ease of use is immediately felt and appreciated and players tell us that they cannot go backward to a 30 year old design that has so completely dominated the market.
The footplate is perfectly balanced and of carbon fiber just like the race cars and will stay where you leave it. The action is silky smooth and with the elimination of a pot and gear system ensures years of trouble free operation. OK at first glance it seems expensive but I felt that it was time someone took the plunge and gave the players an opportunity to use modern technology and materials in a pedal system that is fully adjustable to each and everyone’s feel. When you take into account all of the features together with the confidence that ease of use and player custom adjustments bring I think you will see that the Vision is truly the future in foot controllers. Famous users include Carlos Santana and Jimmy Page to name a few and it is becoming very popular with session and professional players. Please check out the following page on the Vision Wah to get more detailed info. In 2001 we will be introducing more guitar effects that will use the vision controller pedal system. Once the foot to brain connection is improved the possibilities of using your foot to create new real-time or live sounds becomes the future. After all we do drive a car with our hands and feet and limiting a guitar player to use only his hands and occasionally stomping on a switch or with great difficulty using a bad ergonomic design of foot pedal will be history. The future does not lie with endless retro reissues so take the plunge and give the Vision a feel with your foot and be prepared to be amazed.


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